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Archive for January 2012

It's About Time: Following Service Intervals at SafeWay Tire & Auto Center

Posted April 21, 2015 11:39 AM | in Inspection

There are a lot of things in life that St. Charles residents have to do on a regular basis. We wash dishes every day, do our laundry and mow our lawns every week, and pay the bills every month. We should go to our St. Charles dentist twice a year and see our doctor for a check-up once a year. When we don’t stay on schedule with these routines, it can lead&hellip» read more

Wipe Out! New Wiper Blades For St. Charles Drivers

Posted April 16, 2015 9:34 AM | in Windshield Wipers

When St. Charles drivers talk about vehicle safety, they think of tires and brakes. But do we think about our windshields? Isn’t the ability to see a prime safety factor when it comes to driving around MO? Yet we often don’t even notice our windshields until we can’t see through them, or until our wiper blades fail. It’s estimated that around 46 million people are driving with wipers that won’t keep their windshields clear during a storm — that’s 46 million people with&hellip» read more

Keep Your Tires Well Rounded in St. Charles: Tire Rotation and Wheel Balancing at SafeWay Tire & Auto Center

Posted April 8, 2015 5:34 PM | in Tires and Wheels

Taking care of our tires is an essential part of car care for St. Charles drivers. We know they have to be replaced when they wear out, but tires also require some important preventive maintenance. This maintenance will improve gas mileage and extend the life of the tires, so it’s well worth the effort and expense for St. Charles auto owners to get it done. Tire maintenance includes keeping tires properly inflated, rotating tires and&hellip» read more

Below 45 Degrees in St. Charles: Consider Winter Tires

Posted April 3, 2015 2:28 PM | in Tires and Wheels

Remember snow tires? They were basically just regular tires with big, knobby lugs to get them through deep snow. They were loud and rode hard, and St. Charles drivers couldn’t wait to get them off the car. Then along came television advertisements for “all-season” radials. MO car owners ran out and bought some and we thought we were done with snow tires forever. Tires have come a long way since then. Modern winter tires sold in the St. Louis area are much better&hellip» read more

Brake Service at SafeWay Tire & Auto Center in St. Charles

Posted March 26, 2015 1:15 PM | in Brakes

Brakes really aren't optional equipment for St. Charles auto owners. And taking care of them isn't optional either. A regular brake inspection is on every MO car's maintenance schedule. At SafeWay Tire & Auto Center, our team will check your brake system and let you know if there are any vital problems. Of course, if you're having trouble with your brakes, get your car into your St. Charles or St. Peters service center right away. And watch out for these problems:

  • Low or spongy brake pedal
  • Hard brake pedal
  • A brake&hellip» read more

Problems with Suspension Solved at SafeWay Tire & Auto Center in St. Charles

Posted March 17, 2015 1:50 PM | in Suspension

A vehicle’s suspension system is tough. It can last for years and tens of thousands of miles for St. Charles car owners. But it can be damaged quickly by hitting a pothole, curb or rock, and it can wear more quickly if you frequently drive off-road or on bumpy roads. A workhorse vehicle — one that hauls heavy loads — is also going to be hard on its suspension system. Because the useful life of your suspension system contains these elements of unpredictability, it is important for St. Charles auto owners to have them inspected periodically. Worn, broken and missing&hellip» read more

The SafeWay Tire & Auto Center Guide To Custom Wheels

Posted March 13, 2015 8:50 AM | in Tires and Wheels

If you’re interested in customizing the wheels and tires on your car, there are a few things you should know first. Most importantly, the wheels you buy need to fit your vehicle. Not all wheels are created equal. Too many St. Charles auto owners have bought a set of wheels that caught their eye, then, after going to the work of mounting them, have found that the wheels don’t fit right and the tires rub against the car when they&hellip» read more

Fresh Air Inside Your Car in St. Charles

Posted March 3, 2015 8:43 AM | in Cabin Air Filter

Air quality has certainly become a hot issue in our modern St. Charles world. We install air filters on our ventilation systems and in our vacuum cleaners. There’s a filter that cleans the air going into our car’s engine — so why not one for the air in the passenger compartment? Foreign and domestic car makers haven’t been ignoring the issue. Cabin air filters&hellip» read more

SafeWay Tire & Auto Center Engine Air Filter Replacement

Posted February 27, 2015 5:26 PM | in Engine Air Filter

When your experienced SafeWay Tire & Auto Center service advisor technician changes your oil, he will also inspect your air filter. You shouldn’t need a new filter at every oil change, but you will need to change it regularly. Heed your service advisor’s auto advice if they tell you to change your filter. It’s not expensive, and it makes a big difference to your car. An air filter does what its name&hellip» read more

Time Out: Suspension Problems in St. Charles

Posted February 17, 2015 1:08 PM | in Suspension

Your vehicle’s suspension system has two critical jobs: to prevent the passengers from getting tossed around inside the vehicle every time it hits a bump in the road and to keep the tires firmly planted on the road around every corner and over every bump. To see your suspension system, you’ll have to look under your vehicle. Anything that connects the wheels to the vehicle’s frame is part of the suspension system. They’re heavy-duty parts that work hard while you’re driving and take a lot&hellip» read more

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